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World-class protection from the harsh environment.

At Electrostatic Coatings, we provide our clients with a full range of specialist services. Protecting your metal structures, components and prized possessions, we apply superior EZigal heavy duty durable coating which is ideal for high UV, salt and wind prone areas.

Abrasive Blasting Service

Electrostatic Coatings offers an independent abrasive blasting service, which can be used in combination or isolation to our specialty powdercoating services.

EZigal Heavy Duty Coating System

Patented EZigal protection system offers year round protection for items exposed to harsh UV, salt, wind and more. Superior to powdercoated galvanation, the EZigal treatment provides aesthetic brilliance.

High Quality Powdercoating

Electrostatic offers superior quality results and workmanship through our professional powdercoating service. Facilities are one of the largest in south east Queensland, enabling components 10m x 4m x 4m to be protected.